International Business

MBA in International Business is considered as an attractive career option by many management students because of the interesting career opportunities it offers. It gives special training to students in various aspects of international business such as:

  • Export and Import Management in which rules, procedures and documentation involved in exports and imports.
  • International Marketing in which the student is taught the various methods of approaching customers in foreign countries to obtain orders from them.
  • Foreign Exchange Management which deals with currency conversion, fluctuation in currency rates and also how to guard against foreign exchange rate fluctuations.
  • International Finance which deals with raising Capital from International Markets
  • International Logistics which deals with the distribution network for making the goods reach from the country of production to the foreign country.

The MBA in International Business gives a strong foundation in general management subjects and all the basic areas of international business during the first year. In the second year the students choose their specialization in areas of Marketing, Finance, Supply chain management etc with special emphasis on the International Business perspective.

In essence, an MBA in International Business is equivalent to a normal MBA with additional inputs on fundamental theories and areas of International Business. The students specialize in the usual functional areas of Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain Management etc, but the courses have special emphasis on the International Business perspective. In fact, with globalization and increasing competition from MNC’s and foreign competitors, all MBA’s today must be exposed to the global environment. Even domestic companies will insist on MBA’s having knowledge on the International Business scenario.


Career Opportunities for MBA’s in International Business:

MBA students have very good placement opportunities in the following areas due to the specialized training received by them:

  • International Marketing Departments of Companies having exports aboard (Automobile companies such as Tata Motors, Hyundai Motors etc).
  • International placements in company offices abroad (MNC’s such as (Proctor & Gamble, Nestle etc).
  • In Export/Import departments of Engineering & FMCG companies.
  • In Global shipping companies (Maersk Shipping, Mitsubishi Shipping)
  • In Travel houses & Tourism sector. (Thomas Cook)
  • In International logistics and Courier companies (DHL, Excel Logistics)
  • In Consultancy firms (Mc Kinsey, Price Waterhouse)

A fresh graduate is usually recruited as a management trainee and a salary offered to a graduate in International Business Management from a reputed institute, while hiring, naturally give preference to International Business graduates for overseas postings.