A day at Hardayal

Leaving behind school days and moving ahead towards becoming a global professional, Hardayal is the campus to begin your tale of learning. Soon as one steps inside our high-tech campus, young and enthusiastic professionals full of energy would be a common sight. The key to the student culture is imbibing knowledge in the truest sense. A typical day at Hardyal Tech Campus is one that is coupled with fun and learning – not just academically but in all directions. We believe that knowledge of any kind would be useful; hence the students are encouraged to invest their time in areas outside their curriculum. Our students start their day in the classrooms and laboratories. After a rigorous day of learning they head towards the various facilities the institute provides to re-charge themselves. Although the campus is full of techies and management students, there is no dearth of arts here. Each day as the academic sessions come to an end random activities of art and showcases of our student’s talent is a common feature. After recharging and refreshing  begins the race against time to complete the pending assignments due for submission the next day! Amidst all the chaos of the course work and planning an upcoming event, the aroma from the kitchen draws the crowd towards the college mess. A yum meal is what is required at this point to survive the night outs. Buzzing with a lot of activity, one gets to live the student life to the fullest on Hardyal Tech Campus.