Director Message

Dr. Hariom agrawal

Ph. D. (USA)


B. Tech. (Chemical Engg.), HBTI, Kanpur.


The world is moving towards a knowledge economy. Goldman Sachs’s famous BRIC report of 2003 product depicts that india will become one of the top five economies of the world by 2050. In another global economics paper, it has also identified ‘Raise Basic education Achievement’ and ‘increase quality and quantity of universities’ as two of the top three things that india needs to do in order to achieve this status.
Opportunities before us are immense and the task is onerous. India graduates more than five million graduates every year and the availability of jobs are limited. A report by aspiring minds put following valuable points-

– 47% graduates not employable in any sector of the knowledge economy.

– Less females are pursuing three year graduate degrees and show similar or higher employ-ability to males.

– English and computer skills dampening smaller town employ- ability prospects significantly.

– Education system promoting role learning in place of actual application of concepts.

– Over 40% employable graduates beyond the top 30% colleges have no way to signal their employ- ability to potential recruiters.

The employ-ability of graduates in different sectors are-

Sales & BD 15.88%
Operation/Customer services 14.23%
Analyst 03.03%
Corporate communications/Content develop. 02.02%
IT services 12.37%
ITES & BPO 21.37%
IT operation 15.66%
Accounting 02.59%