Human Resource Management

MBA IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (HRM) is a term used to describe a set of tasks aimed at effectively managing an organization’s employees, commonly known as its human resources or human capital. HRM professionals oversee the business of managing people in an organization which includes compensation, benefits, training and development, staffing, strategic HR management and other functions. HR practitioners structure staffing programs to recruit and retain the best employees by making the company competitive in terms of its attractiveness to potential candidates, so that they will choose to accept a position with and remain working for an employee. In today’s competitive environment, human capital management is critically important to remain viable in the global marketplace. As a result, HR plays a pivotal role in the world because people are truly the only thing who differentiates one business from another.

As we all know that HR is one the top most specialization chosen by MBA students. It has much scope to diversify you interpersonal talent which is required for the growth of organization and plays the effective role to achieve the individuals or common goals in the organizational circumstances. HR of any organization must have a view of 360degree… to solve and evaluate the problem in organization… with this diagram one can understand in a better way.


HR is a key component of any organization’s senior management team. Though the human resources department is widely known for conducting interviews, explaining company benefits, managing employee relations, providing career development advice and helping hiring managers with performance and productivity expectations, the profession has a much larger role in business today. HR professionals have evolved from behind-the-scenes administrative role of the 20th century to active involvement in shaping corporate policy. Senior management recognizes the significant contributions of HR to their organization’s bottom line and overall success. It is also important to note that HR professionals often progress to higher levels in an organization and a career in HR can lead to a position as CEO



Human Resource Management has great scope in India. With the increasing amount of youth population in India and increasing job opportunities in IT & various other sectors, the demand for young and talented people has increased to a greater extent. The scope of HR is great because of existence of many new HR related demands such as advanced performance appraisal systems, Human Resource Information System, job satisfaction, employee involvement, corporate governance etc. The students having MBA Human resource degree can get job in variety of organizations such as financial firms, i.e., banks, non-financial firms such as IT companies insurance companies etc.