Ecology Club


Ecology is the scientific study of the relations that living organisms have with respect to each other and their natural environment. Variables of interest to ecologists include the composition, distribution, amount (biomass), number, and changing states of organisms within and among ecosystems. Ecosystems are hierarchical systems that are organized into a graded series of regularly interacting and semi-independent parts that aggregate into higher orders of complex integrated wholes.

Ecosystems are sustained by the biodiversity within them. Biodiversity is the full-scale of life and its processes, including genes, species and ecosystems forming lineages that integrate into a complex and regenerative spatial arrangement of types, forms, and interactions. Ecosystems create biophysical feedback mechanisms between living (biotic) and nonliving (abiotic) components of the planet.

Ecology Club plays an important role in creating environmental awareness. It also motivates the students to keep their surroundings green and clean by undertaking plantation of trees. Promote ethos of conservation of water by minimizing the use of water. Motivate students to imbibe habits and life style for minimum waste generation, source separation of waste and disposing the waste to the nearest storage point.




Dr Amit Parashar



Ravi Kant Sharma, MBA

Venue : LH-01, Ground Floor, Academic Block