Biotechnology in general is using technology in biological research or studies. Bioengineering and Bioinformatics are specialized domains of biotechnology. At B. Tech and M. Tech student learn about basic principle of biology and engineering. They learn about using technology especially modern devices to create specific conditions for biological experiments. Most of the devices are related to experiments on cells and proteins, therefore biological courses related to cell and proteins are taught extensively. Biotech is basically use of technology for improving the speed of biological research not developing devices. This course provides manpower that is aware of the use of latest devices for biological research to pharmaceutical industry.

Most of the Biotech students go for higher studies abroad, as there is huge funding these days, they get good opportunities work in well established labs. Also they have opportunities to work for domestic and international pharmacy industry, though these are rare.

Core companies: Ranbaxy, Dr. Reddy labs, Cipla and GlaxoSmithKline are few to name apart from many Government funded research organizations and CSIR labs. There are good research opportunities abroad